Monday, September 18, 2017

Week of September 18 through September 22, 2017

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Hello everyone,

     I hope everyone is well and anticipating the Fall weather that is bound to eventually come!  But Autumn doesn't start until Friday and the meteorologists are calling for temperatures in the 90's!  Oh well.  It is Texas after all.

This week we will have a test on Thursday over the following topics:

flag parts
flag etiquette
national landmarks

The kids have their notes in their composition book and they should have those in their backpacks.  

Just for some help:

The seven continents.  Please study them with your child. Also make sure that they know where they are located.   They are:

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Thank you for your help!

Miss Mertink

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Week of September 5 through September 8, 2017

Hello all!

Oh, those lazy days of summer are now just a distant memory!  Fond days of lounging around the pool and sipping iced tea and reading a good book have now fallen by the wayside as we complete our first week of school.

     I am so impressed with the group of students that I have in the Fifth Grade this year!  How eager they are to learn!  

Here is our week at a glance:

Week of September 5 through September 8, 2017:

We will finish our classroom manners, rules and expectations Powerpoint, set up our Social Studies composition books, learn the parts of the flag and then learn how to properly hang our flags since the 5th grade has the honor of doing that for our school.  Friday September 8, we will have our first quiz over the parts of the flag. Please help your child study. The parts of the flag are listed below along with their position on the flag.

Parts of the Flag:

A:  Header
B.  Grommet
C. Union
D. Fly End
E. Fly
F. Hoist

We will also be tested on the seven continents.  Please study them with your child.  They are:
1. Asia
2. Africa
3. Australia
4. Europe
5. Antarctica
6. South America
7. North America

They do not have to know them in any order or how to spell them, but the names of the seven continents.

Again, I am so privileged to be teaching your children!  They are a wonderful group!  
Thank you!
Miss Mertink

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Week of April 24 through April 28, 2017

Hello all!

      The picture above speaks volumes!  Oh, the long summer days of lounging on the patio, sweet summer smells of dill and onions wafting from the garden!  Summer nights of lightning bugs and swatting mosquitoes!  All soon a reality!  

     But first the last days of a school year.  Jam packed.  Now that our fifth graders have gotten a taste of Middle School with the Shadowing Days and Sneak Peek, I think they have transformed into sixth graders.  All part of growing up and leaving our Intermediate nest.  I sure will miss this class.  

     We have three more D.A.R.E. classes until graduation on May 22, 2017 at 9:00 a.m.  Make plans to attend!  

Here are our vocabulary words for the test on April 28, 2017:

popular sovereignty-The idea that the power of government comes from the consent of the people.

constitutional republic-A form of government in which representatives get their authority from
 the people, serve for an established amount of time, and swear to uphold the nation's law.

civic responsibility-The duties related to being a citizen.

rule of law-The principle that the law applies to everyone, equally.

judicial review-The power of the courts to decide whether actions are lawful.

Have a blessed week and thank you for your help!

Miss Mertink

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Week of April 17 through April 21, 2017

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Hello all!

     I hope you had a wonderful Easter!  The last weeks of the school year 2016-2017 are going by so quickly, it seems like I barely get one blog done and it is time for another!  

     We are covering the last of the Revolutionary War and will be going into how the new government will be set up in the new country.  

Here are the vocabulary words for Friday, April 21, 2017 test:

Federalist-A person who supported the passage of the United States Constitution.

Anti-Federalist-A person who opposed the passage of the United States Constitution.

Bill of Rights-Amendments to the United States Constitution that protect citizens' basic rights.

amendment-A change or improvement.

due process-A citizen's right to fair treatment through the judicial system. 

It will also be the last opportunity to take The Preamble Test:

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May you all have a blessed Easter!
Miss Mertink

Friday, April 7, 2017

Week of April 10 through April 13, 2017

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Hello everyone!

     Old Man Winter cannot make up his day the air conditioner is on and the next we are back with the heater!  Just to be expected at this time of year though!

     We are finishing up with our Revolutionary War studies and are currently working on our D.A.R.E. essays in Language Arts and studying the brand new country after we won the war with England.  

     Since we have a holiday this Friday, Good Friday, we will be having our vocabulary and Preamble test on Thursday, April 13.  
These are the words and the Preamble:

Delegate-A representative or someone that stands in for someone else.
Constitution-A written plan for government that describes the principles and organization of a nation.
Compromise-A situation when groups on each side of an issue each give in a little to reach an agreement.
Preamble-The introduction to the Constitution of the United States of America.
separation of powers-The division of the powers and duties of government among separate branches.
checks and balances-The separation of powers in a democracy that gives each branch of government-the legislative, executive, and judicial-some form of authority over the others.

Veto-To refuse to approve something.

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Thank you so much for your help!

Miss Mertink

Friday, March 24, 2017

Week of March 27 through March 31, 2017

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Hello all!

     Due to the STAAR Math test on Tuesday and the STAAR Reading test on Wednesday of this week, there will be no vocabulary test on Friday!  Good luck on your tests!!

Miss Mertink